Weather Update

As bluedot is just around the corner and we’ve experienced a little adverse weather during the site build, we’d like to give you a quick update on some extra measures we’ve taken to make your weekend go smoothly.

We’re expecting smatterings of drizzle on Saturday afternoon but otherwise the weekend is looking clear now – we’d still recommend packing your wellies and a waterproof.

Some updates as it’s a bit muddy underfoot…

✅ Extra ground protection to avoid slippiness

At key walking routes and entrances we’ve bringing in extra ground protection, including track mat and woodchip, to keep you safe and happy

✅ Chairs in arenas now OK up to the Lovell Stage sound desk, and outside of indoor venues

We’re relaxing our campchair rule this weekend to allow you to bring seating from the campsite into the arenas. Please be mindful of not being in the way, and don’t sit in front of the sound desk at our main Lovell Stage or inside any of the indoor venues. All talks venues are seated. If you want to stand up to watch a performance, please be respectful of other people’s space by folding up your chair when it’s not in use.

✅ Covered seating areas in case of drizzle

You’ll find more undercover space at this year’s bluedot including a bigger Real Ale Tent and canopies with covered seating, plus covered standing bars and a reconfigured Deep Space Disco to allow more people to have fun under the stage’s overhanging cover.

Don’t forget to check our Essential Info packs, which also include clashfinders or accessible downloadable set times PDF depending on your preference, plus our site map.

Now all that matters is to prepare for an amazing weekend – bring your wellies and let’s have a boogie!

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