Teresa Anderson: Jodrell Bank Observatory: World Heritage Site

Teresa Anderson is Director of Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre.

Teresa earned a Masters in Instrumentation and Analytical Science at The University of Manchester and gained a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh. She went on to work for Practical Action, a charity which uses technology to challenge poverty in developing countries and her work to her to the Himalayas, Sri Lanka and the South American rainforest. She returned to the UK to work with the Science Policy Research Unit and the University of Warwick on Renewable Energy and Climate Change Policy. She spent three years creating the UK Café Scientifique network with Duncan Dallas and Tom Shakespeare, which has now established a significant national and international reputation. She then joined NESTA to work on Science-Culture-Arts policy before returning to Manchester to establish Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre in 2010.

Teresa co-curates the science elements of the bluedot programme alongside Tim O’Brien, and will be presenting a DotTalks lecture on the story and heritage of Jodrell Bank.

Talk: Jodrell Bank Observatory: World Heritage Site

Jodrell Bank is the UK’s latest candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Join Teresa Anderson, who co-authored the case for this with Tim O’Brien, to hear the story of the site’s beginnings, tales of the emergence of the new science of radio astronomy and why the Grade I-listed Lovell Telescope actually still doesn’t have planning permission….

Dot Talks, Star Pavilion Friday 2019

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