Mission Control Saturday 2023

Hope and Anchor: how to navigate the choppy waters of climate change  

Will the future be fine, or are we screwed? Can we still fix climate change, or are we too late? We demand simple answers, but the questions of science and solutions in climate change are complex. They demand more of us than dividing the world into good news and bad news, winning and losing, heroes and villains.

Tamsin Edwards is a climate scientist who specialises in understanding and communicating uncertainty and is currently advising the UK Parliament on climate change. She’ll talk about the predictions of sea level rise she helped make for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), what they mean for coastlines, and how much of the potential damage we can still avoid. She’ll also talk about progress on cutting our emissions, globally and in the UK. 

To make sense of this all this, we need a new metaphor. One that goes beyond black-and-white thinking. One that can hold opposites together in a complex world.  

We need the Hope and the Anchor.

“The heart of the Earth needs more help than just two hands: reach out across the oceans, take the stand of all stands.” — Rosie Eade, Hope and Anchor

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