Notes Friday 2023, Saturday 2023, Sunday 2023

SHE Choir Manchester is a free, unauditioned, collaborative choir for all women and non-binary people. 

SHE choir is a cooperative choir. We sing our own arrangements and make decisions collaboratively. We actively strive to offer a welcoming, safer space for anyone who wants to sing with us. All members are free to have as much or as little involvement in the organisation of SHE choir as they want, but everyone needs to share our values of cooperation and collaboration.

Why SHE? SHE Choir is so named because it was started by Susie, Hannah and Ellie and they decided to use their initials as the name of the choir. We are also part of a growing network of SHE Choirs across the world that started in Manchester 10 years ago.

Sing Yourself Healthy

SHE Choir has teamed up with a vibrant group of PhD students from the University of Manchester to put your lungs through their paces. The PhD students will provide insight into our body’s immune system, how this governs our lungs in health and disease and the benefits of singing. Be prepared to instantly put those benefits into practice by becoming the newest member of SHE Choir, with guided breathing exercises and singing. SHE Choir will also perform songs from their unique repertoire of original covers that will range from classics to Bluedot artists.

Recommended Artists