Orbit Friday 2023

Sometimes you hear a track that makes you pause. It’s the lyricism, the atmosphere or the presence. In Antony Szmierek’s case, it’s all three: the fly-on-the-wall, street-lamp-lit aesthetic of his incredibly hopeful breakthrough “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Fallacy” is smooth and clear.

The club-ready roller coasted into view with absurdist everyday-isms, flashing-light feelings and late-night philosophies, all told atop a looping piano that seemed to be coasting off day-after euphoria. In essence: it’s extremely British and – alongside single “Working Classic” – presents one of the next great British songwriters.

What Szmierek does is document incredibly specific details from his life, and others. It’s about making music that tells stories and makes him feel good. Having spent time working as a teacher throughout his twenties, he’s learned the value of “communities, people and empathy. All of these things I value as part of my personality now, I learned while teaching.”

Szmierek says the ultimate mission of his music is to let others know that this is all possible.

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